Weekly rundown, 2/12-2/18

Late, but here.

Swear to God there is a bronze statue of a pig in a random lot on my drive home from work. Why? How? Is it a salute to the Empress of Blandings? These are questions to which there are no answers, because I’m not getting out of my car to go hunt for an explanation plaque.

What I’ve been reading

  • This Buzzfeed article by Patrick Strudwick about men facing a sexual abuser from their boarding school days was a long and fascinating read.
  • Nothing else. Last week was a bit of a horrorshow that way.

What I’ve been listening to

Holy crap, orchids

  • Oh my goddddd how much do I love them. Our society show is coming up in April, and I think I will want to buy miniatures this year. It’s that “increased plant per square footage” effect, I’m a monster
  • I have bought a wire shelving unit so my collection is all in one place, still a monster, now I just need *~*grow lights*~*
  • At our recent raffle, I won an Iwanagara Apple Blossom “Fangtastic”, a Dgmra. Pluto’s Drummer ‘Pacific Pink’, and a mounted Dendrobium Pierardii. I divided the Iwanagara because a couple of the pseudobulbs were mushy, and those and the Pluto’s went into new pots. I made some plant holders for them and put them into southern-facing windows.
  • At home, I have a NOID phal putting out some new spikes, and another miniature NOID putting on buds. Phals are a giant mystery half the time, you just buy them on pure whim and spin the wheel to see what comes out. Who knows!

Other updates

  • I was invited to be on a panel of experts at the library I used to work at to talk about jobs and hiring over the weekend. It’s weird to be on the same panel as a director of a library system, but they were so nice to have me.
  • I’ve been given clearance to take the Archivist Certification Exam in July. There’s… guys, there’s so much reading to be done. Enough to require a game plan.
  • We have worm sign: the range and dishwasher came on Friday, the base cabinets are starting to go in, and countertops have been ordered. Some electrical work, some crown moulding work, and my mom and I scraped more popcorn texture off the ceilings upstairs. The only spaces with anything remaining are some hall closets and the upstairs hall and stairwell. That’ll be interesting.
  • I’ve had Snapchat for a while, but have never bothered to update it. There’s a code on the sidebar now.
  • Whet?!
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