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Rhymes with spoons

Weird Al gets me in a way few people possibly could.

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my sexuality is Mr. Darcy helping Elizabeth into the carriage and then flexing his fingers as he walks away like he can feel her seeping into his skin

My sexuality is that and also Mr Thornton looking longingly at Margaret Hale’s carriage driving away, whispering: “Look back. Look back at me.”

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Josie and the Pussycats in “Musical Evolution” x

Coolest promo ever created

Real talk though, this is one of the coolest tributes to a classic cartoon with the most interesting animation in it I’ve ever seen, look how wonderful it is.




I remember the first time I saw this on TV! There was a whole series of them, too, that included a song about Jabberjaw by a ska band called Pain. I bought their album, my first-ever online purchase, and they sent me both the CD *and* a bright red 45! I still listen to the tracks.

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I am a library assistant for Hendrix College, a private library with a United States Methodist archive system. Located in Conway, Arkansas. 

My alma mater! I recognize that desk area. 

“You see… I’m learning Milton ways, Mr. Thornton.”

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Harry Truman + Albert Rosenfield relationship evolution ep.3 → ep.22

Harry and Albert have a platonic love that will not be denied.

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Can You Copyright Human Skin?

"Video game makers actually have to track down the tattoo artist for each player and receive permission to use that artwork in games—or else be forced to remove the tattoos, rendering the players inaccurately clear-skinned."

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Finished and framed! At last.

They mean me! I’m working on an exhibit of my own and helping switch out objects in the cases. Going out on the center floor is great, the whole place smells like freshly cut wood.

"He Shouldn’t-a, Hadn’t-a, Oughtn’t-a" from The Great Race

It’s been way too long since I’ve seen this movie. I remember loving this number but only being able to remember the chorus in the years since watching it. I’m not sure how I feel about it now that I’m listening closely to the lyrics!